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Ongoing research projects

Preliminary guidelines for clinical examination of voice problems:
- Reflux examination
- High Speed Digital Imaging (HSDI)
- Phonetogram
- Electroglottography (EGG)
- Overtone analysis
- Speaking frequency analysis
- Cough form

For further information, please see the following guide: Voice Diagnostics Guideline

Research activities

  • President of the 2017 7th World Voice Consortium Conference, Copenhagen

  • President of the 2009-2018 Annual COST2103 Associated Voice Symposium, Copenhagen

  • Advanced voice assesment in the European Union.
         Cost 2103 (see Cost 2103)

  • Public dissemination of advanced voice assesment.
         Cost 2103 (see Cost 2103)

  • European learning project for measurement and
         methods of medical voice and speech disorders

  • Evaluation of microphones, loudspeakers and
  • Evidence based evaluation of phonetography
  • Evidence based evaluation of Multi Dimensional
         Voice Program (MDVP), Pentax and
         Laryngograph Voice Program
  • Irregularity of text readings and sustained tones in
         SPEAD (Laryngograph Ltd.), which formulas are evidence based.
  • Updated information on dystonia, Diagnosis and
         Treatment of Phonatory Laryngeal Movement
         Disorders : Download PDF

Consumer oriented description of our rutine analysis

A program for voice analysis made by Laryngograph.

A program for voice analysis made by Kay-elemetrics - Pentax.

High Speed Analysis Wolf Ltd.:
This equipment is purchased from Wolf Ltd. which makes us able to record a sample with sound and video of the throat and the vocal cords. 4000 pictures pr. second with fiber optics and stored films (Stoboscopy with only 25 pictures pr. seconds gives a distorted picture).

A program for made by Lingwaves.

Description of intensity maxima of the sound in the human throat.

Medical Voice Hygiene Advice.
Advice on proper use of the voice for optimal function both in singing and speaking


Discussion of symptoms evaluation of general test including allergy, infection and genetics, pharmacogenetics treatments and lifestyle treatments.