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Thesis 1997

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The pubertal voice and the normal development in puberty
Oulu Finland
Tutors: A. Sonninen and E. Vilkman
Opponent Wolfram Seidner Humbolt, University of Berlin.

Resumé of thesis:
Measurement of the biological development of the voices was carried out in a singing school for qualified children in Copenhagen. They had all been musically tested before entry. Measurements of averaged phonetograms, averaged fundamental frequencies in running speech and variation in semitones at the class levels were compared to pediatric and hormonal development of androgens, testosteron and oestrogens and statistically treated. The best sets of prospective factor were presented.

Evaluation by Aatto Sonninen 1. Oct 1996

Download: Evaluation

Normal Development of Voice in Children

Advances in Evidence-Based Standards
Springer Edition 2008

NEW - e-book report June 2014:

With updated acoustical measures of voice profiles (phonetograms, the audiogram of
the voice), and the fundamental frequency of the tone range, new standards have been
reached. Especially the comparison to normal pediatric and hormonal development
underlines the statistical scientific validity of the voice parameters. The relation to hormones
and the predictive values for voice development opens new and interesting perspectives
for experts. This book offers valuable insight to acoustical, physiological and biological measures based on prospective and stratified studies, comparing boys and girls.

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Die Biologische Entwicklung der Stimme in der Pubertät

Preparatory thesis in german.

Die biologische Entwicklung der Stimme in der Pubertat

The results from the Copenhagen singing school with stratified measurements of phonetograms and fundamental frequencies in running speech and the variation hereof was compared to Thomaner choir Leipzig. The phonetograms were different with higher frequencies with reduced variation for the high notes in sopranos, the other measurements were comparable. The results were presented by invitation to the German Union of singing teachers.

The Chinese Translation on Development of Voice in Childhood